Everything You Need To Know!



Camp is a safe space for everyone to express their individuality. Come ready to be yourself and embrace all the people you will meet!



We wear closed toes shoes (sneakers, crocs, anything where you can not see your toes) around camp. The only place you can wear open toed shoes is when you are going swimming or headed to the dance on Thursday night so bring LOTS of socks!



No drugs and alcohol are allowed at camp. All vapes, nicotine, and tobacco products should be left at home. If these products are found at camp it is cause for immediate dismissal. We are serious about our commitment to keeping Camp Leslie a safe and healthy environment.



Camp is a technology free zone! Please leave all cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, etc. at home! If you do happen to bring any electronic devices to camp they need to be handed in to your counselor on Sunday and will be safely labeled and stored in the Directors Cabin where they can be picked up on Friday after checkout.



Camp is a safe space. No knives or weapons of any kind should be brought to camp. Any that are brought to camp should be given to your counselor to be stored in the Directors Cabin or brought directly to the Directors Cabin. If you bring your own bow for archery it will be stored in the Directors Cabin and can only be used during scheduled archery periods.



At camp we LOVE card games, but we strongly discourage you bringing your own Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Pokemon cards, which often seem to get “lost.” Trust us, we have plenty to go around and be used throughout the week.



Packages and letters can be sent to and from camp. Campers are encouraged to write letters home and parents are encouraged to do the same. Please reference the Parent Handbook for what is acceptable to be sent in a package.


Please reference the parent handbook for more specific rules and expectations at camp!