Thank You for an Amazing Summer!

-Camp Leslie Staff


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthy, safe, and fun environment that will allow campers to flourish and take away life long lessons and memorable experiences that can be applied in later situations and opportunities.  



Dear Camp Leslie Community,

It has come to our attention over the past few years that our knowing lenience surrounding our food and care package policy has been taken advantage of. Our policy is that:

  1. Campers are not allowed to bring food to camp

  2. Any care packages sent to camp must not contain food

  3. Packages will be opened with staff members present, and any food inside will be confiscated until Friday pickup when it may be taken home.

For the rest of the summer, and moving forward we will be strictly enforcing this rule. Do not send your camper to Camp Leslie with food. Do not send food to your camper. Food that is found will be confiscated.

Snacks, treats,and sweets are provided frequently by camp- there are often desserts after meals as well as numerous opportunities for campers to have extra special food. 

Outside food coming to camp is a serious safety risk for those camp community members with severe allergies, not to mention insect and rodent infestation. 

We also ask all parents and families to understand that traffic coming into and out of camp is a significant distraction to the camp community as a whole. Given this, we ask for parents to only mail packages, or place items that fit into the camp leslie mailbox. If you feel that you must drop off an item, we ask that you do so during the time of 11:45AM to 12:45 PM. Care packages left with a cabin counselor during drop off with instructions to give on a certain date are a great alternative! 

We appreciate your understanding and support surrounding this policy. 

Camp Leslie Staff July 18th, 2019

2019 Theme Weeks

1) July 7 – 12 …………… Under The Sea Week

2) July 14 – 19 ……………Olympic Week

  3) July 21 – 26 ……………Holiday

  July 26 – 28 …………… Weekend Sleepover

 4) July 28 – August 2 ……………Color War Week

  5) August 4 – 9 ……………Hollywood Week

  6) August 11 – 16 ……………Fantastic Finale Week



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